Feeding Baby Food

Feeding Your Baby and ToddlerWhen do you start feeding baby solid food? Wht is the best first food for the baby?

These are just some questions that new parents ask with regards to feeding babies. If these are your concerns as new parents, then perhaps it's time to hit the shelves to look for good advice. One of the better books include "Feeding Your Baby and Toddler" by Annabel Karmel.

In her book, Annabel Karmel, one of the leading authority on feeding the under-fives and a mother of three shows you how to whip up a healthy yet truly tasty recipes. With a chef training up her sleeve, she cleverly suggests recipes that are easy for parents to cook, and more importantly, ones that would also cater to the tastebuds of the parents. In fact, one of her fundamental question is why always make separate food for your children? Feeding your Baby and Toddler: A Complete Guide is also a guide to how to feed your children and what the experience of weaning is like for the children. This book contains valuable information that every wise parent should possess.


Hearing mommy's soothing heartbeat again....

Cloud b Sleep Sheep - Four Soothing Sounds From NatureCloud b Baby Sleep Sheep with Rattle and 3 Spill Cloths - Natural Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine with Four Soothing SoundsParents who have bought the 'Sleep Sheep' could not have been wrong about the soft, fluffy toy which many quoted as baby's perfect nighttime companion to help soothe them to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way. There is a sound box which is tucked safely inside of Sleep Sheep. It lulls babies to sleep with soft sounds from nature and the reassuring sound of a mother's heartbeat. Sleep Sheep's soothing sounds are an audio pacifier that can calm even the fussiest babies to sleep. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better : Happy Babies, Happy moms... ;)


Provide Learning and Fun for Babies with Baby Gym

Provide Learning And Fun For Your Child With A Baby Gym

by Suzanna Hardaway

Play mats and baby gyms are a superb approach to supply fun for infants who cannot sit or stand on their own yet. For newborns, the mats and baby gyms help with raising heads up and reaching out to perfect the "pincher grasp." Some gyms feature the contrasting black and white designs that also assist with eye development. As babies get more mature, these kinds of baby gyms are going to teach them about cause and effect, phonics, as well as music. They're wonderful gifts for baby showers or special occasions including birthdays and Christmas.

As infants build muscles and eye-hand control, play mats and baby gyms are a very good method to encourage strong minds and bodies. Baby gyms are a fantastic way to integrate the all important "tummy time" and for baby bonding also. The gyms not only give babies an opportunity to develop their minds, but also encourage them to master important skills they'll bring with them throughout a lifetime. Below are a number of ideas for baby gyms from major manufacturers such as Baby Einstein and Lamaze.

Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym

Lamaze is actually a well-known brand name that produces quality learning products. This baby gym features an outer space theme with a sun on the mat, which really encourages "tummy time." The bars of the baby gym hold the outer space concept along with stars, planets, rocket ships, and monkeys dressed up in space suits. The toys are detachable for portable entertainment. This particular baby gym offers music with toys that move to the beat.

Baby Einstein Seek and Discovery Gym

Baby Einstein is another very good brand name that produces high quality instructional toys for newborns up to preschoolers. This baby gym comes with a soft mat for baby to lie down while viewing vivid colors, whimsical characters, and toys to capture a baby's attention span. This particular baby mat can inspire newborns and more mature infants to experience and discover techniques to interact.

The Spin and Explore Sea Gym

The Spin and Explore Sea Gym is actually a newer baby gym that was developed by pediatricians. The baby gym offers a new solution to introduce important developmental phases for newborns. The gym is designed just like a surf board and includes charming sea creatures which include turtles, fish, and dolphins swimming about to continue to keep baby occupied. Infants can also spin on their stomachs on the removable surfboard to build up stomach and neck muscles. Other features also include a starfish designed mirror, crinkly flaps, rattlers, and squeakers to further enrich a baby's playtime.

These are just a few good examples of baby gyms which are readily available. Almost all gyms supply the opportunity for "tummy time" and excite babies with songs, colors, and patterns. The gyms are an important toy for virtually any baby's nursery, because a baby gym is going to help develop skills which will last for a lifetime.

More Information:

Are you looking for a baby play gym to enhance your child's learning and development. Be sure to visit my site for reviews of the best gyms, including the Baby Einstein Play Mat.

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Baby Message - helps mom too

I was reading this article about baby massage and I was quite intrigued that it also benefit the moms!! the article pointed that moms who massage their babies are less likely to suffer from PND - cool eh?  Besides, such massage also relaxes mom and babies...read on to find out more ;)

Baby Massage: The Calming Power of TouchInfant Massage--Revised Edition: A Handbook for Loving ParentsBaby Massage: Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth


Babymoon Parenting: It's not you...it's me?

The Baby Food Bible: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Child, from Infancy On The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feeding your Baby and ToddlerFeeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood, and Beyond: "Article by Kelly Spec, Registered Dietitian - Spectrum Nutrition Instructor at Babymoon Parenting Is your toddler a 'picky eater'? Or not ..."Babymoon Parenting: It's not you...it's me?


Reading to your babies

My Big Animal Book (Priddy Bicknell Big Ideas for Little People)Baby's Book: The First Five Years (Personal Organizers)
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Baby Board Books)Studies have shown that in fact, babies benefit hugely from you reading to them! By showing them the pictures, you are are helping them to develop their eye muscles and each time a word is heard by your child, it becomes imprinted more strongly in his/her brain....making it easier to remember for when he/ she is ready to start talking!

According to research, each time our babies hear, see or feel, this sends a message to the brain. Eventually, the messages sent to the brain are strong enough to form a skill or create a piece of knowledge! Exciting, isn't it?
However, you have to choose the right mood and setting to read to your babies - they absorb best when both of you are in a calm and cozy, relaxed environment. You both need to be comfortable. Hearing a story can be very soothing for a child who is in "one of those moods". If done correctly, many years on in your precious lives, they would associate reading with the warm fuzzy feeling they share with mom. If that happens, you would have succeeded in raising a reader!

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