Choosing Books for My Children

At least for now, I would know exactly know where to go to whenever I hit the bookstore to scour for children's books. To some extent, I must say that I am rather relieved at not needing to flip through too many pages (age is catching up on me and I seem to not be able to see words clearly ahen it's too near - ha!) and really narrow my search as I know what interest my little boy.

My seven year old has taken into reading a lot of books that are are less narrative in nature. I only realised that he much preferred books like encyclopedias on sharks and prehistoric animals when we were at the bookstore the other day. My curious seven year old went straight to the non-fiction section of the children books and sat himself down as he immersed himself in the book on sharks. He begged me to buy the book. Then he looked at me with those eyes - how could I say no?!! To my pleasant surprise, he was able to cite names of sharks and tell me quite an impressive bit of information (for seven year olds) on sharks! Wow, I thought I would not mind spending a bit more money on such children books if it means I may raise a knowleable little fella!

Just today, we bought another encylopedia, this time, his interest shifted on dinosaurs. The book is thicker than the one on sharks and I reckon it will be some time before he could talk about these prehistoric creatures with great knowledge - but I think it would most certainly be worth the wait!

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