Pregnancy ReCount

I remember the anxiety I felt counting down the last days of my pregnancy. At a fairly young age of 25, awaiting the arrival of my first born was an experience I was not quite equipped to handle despite attending the prenatal classes. I was at my 37th week, weary and still counting down my pregnancy. I wondering why in the world my little one was was not ready to see the world. The weekly check ups at KK women and children hospital indicated that my child was fine. The doctor did say that my baby would arrive "any day now" but yet would not induce her birth and I was told to be patient!

Counting down the days of my pregnancy was not made easier by my sheer size! I was growing bigger and heavier by the day. My legs were swollen, I felt clumsy and I had difficulty sleeping. Part of me was also was rather keen to shed off the pounds I gained and gained back my shape. I wanted so badly to see the little one that has been growing inside me that I felt even frustrated and irritated it has not kept to its scheduled date.

It is very natural to feel the way I did. I suppose had I known more about 'natural method' of inducing labour then, I would have most certainly given it a shot! This natural method claims that you could find acupuncture points that could not only induce labour but done properly, it could even reduce labour pain! How cool is that?

I reckon that the counting down the last days of pregnancy was something very common especially for first time moms. This may explain the higher incidence of induced birth over the years! However, on hindsight, pregnancy is a memorable and beautiful experience. If I have to go through it again, I think I would have been so anxious to count down my pregnancy days - I would have in fact cherished it more!

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