Safe toys for children

When buying toys for your little ones, would you consider price to be a main factor? I think I would! That is after scouting around for something to further nuture the interest my girl have on robotics. Her interest peaked when she was made a leader in oneof the robotics group in her school to enter a competiton ar school level. Needless to say, I allowed myself the pride of a mother ;) and took a day off to watch her. She did make it to the top 20 teams but did not quite earn herself a price, unfortunately.

Her interest have not waned since and we thought we could develop it by buying a robotics toy but held our horses whe we saw the price of these toys! They are good toys, no doubt but we would want to do a bit more research (perhaps to see if we could find cheaper alternatives and evn safaty features) before we make the plunge.

My little boy on the ther hand, is contented playing with his toy cars and an assorted set of LEGO that he used to build a little neighbourhood on his own. It build his creativity and we though of instilling more of that in him ..just looking around for the right tools or should I say the right toys for him.

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