Breakfast Perk!

I was in my child's school the other day for "meet the parents" session. The teacher was engaging and gave parents some useful ideas on how to manage their expectation for the children as well as believe it or not, nutritional tips for the children during exams. She expounded on the benefits of breakfast. According to her a survey conducted in 6 countries revealed that mothers found improved performance in children who have breakfast before going to school.

Curious, I did my own research on the benefits of breakfast. Indeed studies show that children who have breakfast have better ability to concentrate better. they are also more alert and creative. Adults who have breakfast show the same effect!

In addition, it also helps to manage your weight better. One report show that children who skip breakfast are almost twice as likely to be overweight compared to children who takes breakfast. Adults who skipped breakfast in an attempt to manage their weight will find that it would have the reverse effect. This is because delaying meal until you are very hungry led to increase you calorie intake!

Having said that, however, not everything could be good for breakfast. It is recommended that you take whole grain, fruit or fiber as well as protein for a balanced breakfast. Breakfast bars should ideally be avoided as they have high sugar content.

With the benefits in mind, I resolve to have good breakfast. I set the example first for my children and hopefully, I gain the health benefits from it as well! ;)

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