Girlfriends Unite!

The sad truth is that we may lose a lot of good friends as we go through our stages in life. The lucky ones among us, however, are able to keep friends they have since childhood. What am I lamenting about friendship? Well, simply because it is healthy for women to maintain friendships with 'the girls'. Who could be your girlfriend could range from old schoolmates to daughters and mothers. Check this out:- A study done by UCLA on friendship among women found that friends could actually reduce the stress women experience due to pressure from work and family.

In addition, friends also help us to live longer as studies also show that social ties reduce the risk of diseases by lowering the blood pressure, heart rate and even blood pressure! Researchers have also discovered that those who have friends over a 9-year period cut their risk of death by more than 60%. On the flip side, it was also concluded that not having close friends as confidants may be detrimental to women's health. Women who have good network of friends also cope better in difficult times such as the loss of a spouse. Women friends strengthen one another as they nurture and enrich one another. Besides who would disagree that a good talk with a woman friend is capable of healing any wound!

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