Habits of mind

I conducted a school visit the other day and was rather intrique to find that schools are developing very interesting curriculums. n their own accord, school leaders are reading up alot more these days on curriculum matters and children development. This particular school has embarked on an integrating 'Habits of Mind' in their school curriculum. Innovatve! I thought.

In a nutshell, habits of mind is essentially how to behave intelligently when you are confronted with problems such as in dilemmas and uncertaintaies. It is based on the assumption that critical to the human intelligence is not only the acquisition of knowledge but rather, knowing how to apply it.

To emply habits of mind, one need to draw on certain pattern of intellectual behaviour that produce results when applied correctly. I immediately thought of the application of this powerful knowledge to my personal life and family life.

Among the habits of mind I thought my children could acquire include thinking and communicating with clarity and precision, gathering data through all the senses and thinking independently. As for me I thought I could work on areas such as managing impulsivity, finding humour (as I do tend to take life rather too seriously ;), taking responsible risks rather than finding the safe route all the time and applying past knowledge to current situations.

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