Hey, Honey - Honey!

My cousin sister has recently got me to purchase a product that she claimed gave a lot of people their lives back. She went on excitedly to rattle on examples of how even folks in their 60s were rejuvenated after taking this product.

It was a simple product - honey. For ages, honey has been linked to a lot of health benefits. The most common according to my enthusiastic cousin sister is the ability of the digestive system to absorb it and convert it to energy. As such a person taking honey (the good honey ;) may find herself instantly energised. Honey also aid healing as it speeds it up and promote the growth of new tissues.

For added benefit, she reiterated, it could also promote beauty as its antioxidant properties could restore damaged skin and so that one could soon reveal younger looking skin. In addition, consuming honey everyday may lead to long, healthy life. Wow! I thought! I would go for all those..and I did..

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