Just how much pressure is enough?

We all read with intense interest on the updates of the former child prodigy, Sufiah Yusof, who have sadly chosen the abysmal path of vice. What went wrong? She had everything going for her and had she persevered, would have been successful now and ironically, in my humble opinion, get her whatever she may have desired.

Many, myself included, would have sympathised with her for having lost her childhood to realising her supposed parents dreams of making her and her siblings brilliant! But even if that story is anything to go by, I suppose, one has to reach a point where one should look deep at oneself and claimed some responsibility for one's own vices.

Sufiah aside, the newspaper has been recently raging with 'advice' on how to listen to your children and not push them too hard. Easier said than done, each of us would have different threshold of being able to withstand pressure so... what exactly is enough? Would listening too much to your children caused them to take advantage of you and not carry out what is required of them? I could not help but lament at what I perceive to be lack of self driven motivation in kids nowadays. But as parents, I suppose, we should know our kids (at least we would like to think so) and give them just enough pressure to let them drive themselves to work harder. Hmm..not easy either. I suppose it also comes with being open and talking out your expectations with your kids. Maybe not the "I expect you to do well or else" kind of conversation but perhaps more of rationalising with your kids why you are expecting them to do well. I just thought of this a moment ago myself and I think I would start by following my own advice. ;) In addition, I think spiritual and moral development of children is as important as intellectual development. I would like to think that a morally intelligent individual is far better than a highly intelligent one with loose morals.

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