Mr Funny, Mr Nonsense and the Mr Men series

As I read the Mr Men series again with my seven year old, my 12 year old girl smiled widely. She has obviously outgrown the 'Mr Men' series but have begged me not to put them away. So, currently, they are residing in my boy's bedroom. On rainy Sunday afternoons like today, we tugged in bed together to some good old fashioned chuckles brought about by reading Mr Funny and the other Mr Men series.

The characters are simple and funny yet memorable partly because they do reflect the real life idiosyncrasies of the real people, well at least in some ways.

Mr Funny actually lives in a teapot and drives in a shoe. He eats a daisy sandwich and drinks a glass of toast. He also makes funny faces at the lions and other animals to cheer them up. Real life people do not actually live in teapots but the parallel here I suppose would be that a person would go to great length to do what they believe in - like making faces to cheer animals - no matter how absurd (or funny )it is.

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