Poor Grades?!

I talked to my little boy's teacher in the morning and was dismayed to find that he performed poorly for his 'developmental test'. On the one hand, I realised that he is too young anyway to be able to sit through exams. But on the other hand, I was bugged by the 'you better get your son ready to face the competition' feeling. He is currently tutored by my niece twice a week.

I started comparing her with my daughter when she was his age. I know I should not but I did! I just can not help it! I've made a resolution - perhaps to make study more like a play so that he could connect with the concepts better.

Studies have shown that children need to make connections with the real world to concretise their learning. Advocates of such study promote that children learn through experince and play. So to teach a concept of subtraction in maths for instance, we could use the nursery rhme of "ten green bottles". And to teach exclamation marks, pupils will read the story of "The Boy who Cried Wolf."

I intend to do more coaching myself and ty out new ways to excite my little one. ;) Hopefully, this would improve his results!

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