Reaching out to your daughter

My eleven year old is in the stage of her life where she wants to feel greater affinity with her friends. She rebelled many norms and talked back on many occasions. As a mother who is not used to a defiant daughter, I reacted with great animosity at her dismal behaviour but I realised that I was fighting a losing battle. I had to get her back if I do not want her to end up mixing with the wrong company because 'her parents do not understand'.

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Martha Stevens
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The phrase "The way they behave is the way they are treated" echoed in my mind. I remember reading off Martha Steven's ebook on raising kids. I changed my tactics and tried to stop my impulse to yell at her slightest mistake. Along with the valuable advice in this little ebook, Martha helped me learn, as a mother, what goes through the mind of my daughter. In the midst of helping our children cope and make sense of the world, we become better people ourselves.

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