Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

My daddy dearest passed on 3 years ago. Yet I dream of him ever so often and in my dreams - he was always as he was - at times approving of my behaviour, at other times giving me a glare of sceptical nonacceptance of certain things that I do. I missed him dearly - at times even hoping just for another chance to just tell him much much he is still my symbol of strength and integrity.

Dad always give himself to others. His single income raised his 7 children and provided more than our basic needs. He strove hard to upgrade himself by teaching himself English and at a point when few men of his time value a good education, he raised his children to higher institutions of learning. On top of that, he selflessly devote some of his time for community work.

As I reminisced the times, I have with my own dad, I recalled a book entitled "Strong fathers, Strong daughters". Dr Meg Meeker believes that her father was a powerful influence in her life. She has her own medical practice and her experience reaffirm the believe that the role of a father is very important in the lives of their daughters. What kind of father he is shapes her believe system. As such, to raise a well balanced and happy young woman, she reiterate, the father must be nurturing. Without the father figure, the girl may be more susceptible to succumbing to social ills. A nurturing father would also provide the support - emotionally and perhaps even metaphorically and could shield or protect their daughters from the threat of life.

I think there is a lot of truth in the book as I find myself drawing strength from my perception of my own dad's strong personality. I am proud to be his daughter. He is a wonderful role model and in my eyes, the personification of success. He left behind a legacy and I shall strive to be 'as successful' as he is. ;)

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