In Search for Happiness

Its Sunday but the nagging thought of having to chair a meeting in the presence of directors and a few significant people tomorrow prevented me from enjoying my Sunday. My coping mechanism would be to go out, shop and forget about tomorrow well at least until tonight. But other ple have their own preoccupation so that leaves me to my own devices to do whatever it takes to make myself 'happy'... sob..

I got a little philosophical afterwards and thought about the true meaning of happiness. Is it something we look for ? Some people I know said that they would be happier if only : they could have something or other people are ..... to them etc. The list seems endless sometimes..I have my own list actually but I found the following article quite useful in my serach for the 'meaning of happiness.' It was written by Sharron Myers. (To Live the Life You Want, Learn the Skills You Need www.sharron-myers.com)

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