Maths Helper III - Position

Teaching P1 about positioning. I initially thought that my boy know about positions like first, second, third, etc until I get a rude shock when he failed the class test! I looked at the paper - I realised that it was as much a test of language understanding as it is of the Maths concept. The P1 children need to know not only the sequence, but they had to understand what is required of the question as well. One of the questions include a question like:

- who is the second boy after John (John is in third position in the race). The answer would be - the fifth boy - Peter. But a child who has not quite comprehend the question may answer instead, it is the second boy, Ali, who is second. Initially, I could not fathom why the P1 are given such tricky questions : and was rather unhappy - thinking that the school is being unreasonable with their expectation. But lo and behold! When I checked the assessment books, similar questions can be found! So, I got down to making my own resources yet again!

I made the following cards and laminate them so that they last longer.

Then I set up my own props like the ones below:

I got my little one answering the following questions:

- what is the third item from the right?
- what is the forth item from the left?
- which item is second behind the eraser?

Again, I find him being able to answer the questions better through this exercise. ;)

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