Mom, my tummy's aching!

My seven year old is having fever yet again. He has been having frequent bouts of fever the last month or so and the temperature usually went up to 39.5 deg C. I would have to wake up every few hours at night to ensure that his temperature does not go beyond that. An article I read recently pointed out that the fever in itself is not usually bad if it does not go beyond 41.5 deg. But if the child develop varied consciousness or seizures and fits due to the high temp. I grew up listening to stories from my mom how my brothers had seizures when they were young.

However, what worried me also was that my little Dan claimed that his tummy ache - this morning was especially bad as he was crying and holding his tummy. In the last visit to the General practitioner, I have seeked advice on this and my GP - she cautioned me that tummy aches should not be taken lightly. Contrary to taking it as an excuse not to go to school, she claimed that parents should be more wary when the child complains of this. At the very least, it could signal that the child is experiencing some form of emotional stress that triggered the tummy ache. In the case of my boy, she said, it could be due to some gastric problems. True enough, after taking the medication, his tummy ache was relieved.

I was educated more about tummy ache after reading the article on the various causes of tummy ache.

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