Tales of Go Karting

He put on the helmet that reads "For Baby". I smiled - looking at how adorable he looked. My heart skipped a little thinking that he may crash and hurt himself on first day in a neighbouring country for a short break.

Shortly, the two men, started the engine and my baby was driving round bends like a pro...well almost. Though he must have not even reached 20km/h but the fact that he could manouveur around bands amused me - I must have done something right to have him drive like that!

My daughter was even better - she must have driven near the maximum speed! She was really good and even wowed some of the other visitors there..I remember remarking "Where did she learn to drive like that?!" to my husband who chuckled and gave me the "what do you think?" look. Nevertheless, I allowed myself some time for a mother's pride.

In the prospect of greater popularity of F1 locally, I think my two kids will go a long way. ;)

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