Walking the talk on saving the environment

Everybody's crying out to save the environment these days ;- from schools to organization hunger for publicity, being 'green' seem to be the fashionable thing to do! As parents, we should thus make it an experience for our children to do their part to save the environment : after all, the Earth is the heritage that we pass down to our children. It helps to tell them at this point, the importance of keeping it sustainable by walking the talk:

In small little ways, I suppose teaching them the little values about saving the Earth would go a long way. Make it a point to bring your own bag to the supermarket instead of using plastic, for instance. Personalise the bags for the kids by adding nice badges that announce to the world they are 'green'. Kids would enjoy such stuffs - it raise their self esteem ;).
In addition, what I have done with my own kids is even to recycle boxes. There are tonnes of things to do with tissue boxes, shoe boxes or any boxes that 'comes along' with the things that you buy. It also instill creativity as my own children get to think about what they want to do with the empty boxes. It has become like a game to see who could outwit the rest when there is an empty box that could be found in the house.

This afternoon, we made a bookmark out of a very colourful 'Ribena' box.

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