Brain exercise

I read a recent article on Dimentia and got a little worried. Dimentia makes it hard for people to remember. A state may be reached where the person may even b unable to take care of himself. It could be heredity or it could be caused by the deterioration of the brain.

I then did some readings and thought that if I exercise my brain enough, I could prevent, delay or something the process from occurring. I was intrigued by the article that says you could actually improve your memory by the following ways which could be termed as exercising the brain.

1. Being observant. When there are things such as cereal ox in front of you, look for things that "jumps" at you - it could be the colour of the brand or small details so that when asked to describe the box.

2. Do mental activity: the next time you come across a crossword puzzle, try it out! - Or try out any activity that would stimulate your brain. This would improve brain function and certainly improve your memory.

3. Avoid stress. It is an established fact that you'll loose focus when you're stressed. Try de-stressing exercise to ref fresh your self.

4. Have a strategy for recalling things. Depending on what type of learner you are, you may have different ways of recalling things. I love graphic organiser - I'm quite a visual learner. I remember that I could recall diagrams - almost photographically during exams - that's how I aced them! ;)

5. Get enough sleep. With the days becoming shorter, it has become virtually difficult to get 8 hours of sleep. But you must or you will not be rested enough to pick up information.

6. You are what you eat. Studies shown that food such as vegetables and fruits and whole grain materials would also help to improve you memory.

So..what's there to wait? Start now..before all is lost. ;) I know I will.


  1. Yes, all the evidence points to the need for us to care about our brains the same way we care about the rest of the body. Brain exercise seems to be key to maintaining a sharp mind.

    "better brain exercises"

  2. These are all good points- it's very important to keep your brain in shape before you hit the 'senior years." We've actually created an audio CD for Moms called "Carpool Karma" that has short, fun and repeatable mental and physical exercises for busy Moms to do in their spare time.
    Nannette W.
    Exercise your Mind and Body - In the Car!


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