Free Parenting ebooks

Parenting is by no means an easy task. Each child is unique and we often hear parents lament how they wish their children would come with an instruction manual each- lol. ;) Though that may not be realised in the near future, I personally find some ebooks that are related to parenting very useful. Check the links below to get some 'manuals' related to parenting. ;) Some of the free ebooks could be obtained upon registration - but I thought that's a small price to pay for some great tips. Other tips come in bite size articles for easy reading.

Some recommended free parenting ebooks and articles include the following:
- http://funlearningexpress.6te.net/Free_ebook.html
- http://www.parentwonder.com/content/view/403/26/
- http://www.alumbo.com/directory14.html
- http://www.parentslead.com/
- http://www.free-ebooksonline.com/index1.htm

Have fun!

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