Help me with dinner tonight!

Dinner was a chore at one point until I tried this with my kids! - they helped me out with it - they are apparently more excited about having dinner now that they helped to prepare dinner! Besides, the wonderful thing about preparing dinner together is also the fact that we could also talk about cleanliness, hygiene, maths, science and even English while preparing! It is a great bonding experience.

If you are like me it is hard to let the kids help sometimes. I am a net freak and sometimes I just feel like I have too many helpers. Why not try scheduling a night a week and plan on letting the kids help? That way you will make sure you have the time, energy, supplies and most important-patience.

We've decided to have Thursday night as our "Let's Help Mom Make Dinner" night. We are going to make tom yam noodles tonight. Let's see how I will figure in my little helpers without losing my mind.

First we have to grind the ingredients. I will send my 7 year old Daniyal to grind the wheat in our electric grinder. My girl could heat the oil and later pour the grind ed stuffs in the oil. Try your own easy recipes with your kids and have a wonderful time. Be sure to schedule it in so you are patient and happy and it is a good time with your children. If you don't have time or energy to do it...don't do it...you will regret it later.....Enjoy!!!

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