The more we try to be different, the more we stay the same...

Would you conform:- seriously?! I heard a resounding no! At the same time, there would be the 'sensible some' who would say they would, depending on the situation.

You see.... I spotted some irony in trying to stand out in a crowd recently - upon reflection. I have some ple in the office who try very hard to be a 'cut above the rest'. Hence, they have resorted to doing that by either buying expensive items (Coach bags, Paragamot shoes, etc) that they later parade and display - don't get me wrong : I'm really happy for these ple - if they are doing what makes them happy. But I see the irony of the whole matter. Ifelt that by doing what they are doing to be different, they end up being quite the same as those ple who later followed suite and do likewise. I preferred to take the road less travelled and be less pretentious - to just be me. Some would frown upon this, thinking that ple like me could me anti-social as I may not be like the rest.

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