My ambition

As a working mother of two who makes a decision to work simple to assist in ensuring that there would be more than just food on the table, my great aspiration is to be a stay home mom one day. I would stay home and cook dinner and mind my herbal garden and rose plants and enrich myself with reading books related to subjects of my interest while sipping coffee or chamomile tea. Oh..what a heavenly thought indeed..

What I need now is the determination to suceed, the right resources, perhaps some investments as well as a mentor...pray that someone could help me out with it..I could really do with some help...a real person. Even in this age of technology and advancement, nothing beats a human touch..agree?


  1. Hey there! Thanks for popping by my blog. We have something in common. I also stopped counting my age after 21. As a matter of fact, now I count backwards. I'm your age plus 5 btw or perhaps that should be minus 5. Hahaha.

  2. Hi..hi

    Nice of you to leave a comment - apprecaite it.

    With regards to not counting our age - you know what they say - great minds think alike. ;p


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..