Teaching through questioning

Children as Philosophers: Learning Through Enquiry and Dialogue in the Primary ClassroomStrategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and EngagementUsing Picture Books to Teach Comprehension Strategies: 30 Lessons That Teach Students the Six Comprehension Strategies They Need to Actively Engage With Text and Read for MeaningWhat I am going to say may not be anything new - but really, we do tend to learn better we derive at the answer ourselves than being told the answer. The same could be said for the children. I have resolved then to make an extra effort from now to question my children and pupils so that they derive at whatever answer I want them to arrive on their own. This could be done either by making them do somethings to arrive at that answer or think it through.

To further furl my motivation, I read this article written by Rick Garlikov entitled The Socratic Method: Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling. The article describes how Socratic Questioning was tried out in class of third graders. The test was to see whether the pupils could be taught binary arithmetic through questioning. None of the kids have been introduced to the concept before.

The results were rather amazing with the pupils actually getting excited about learning the concept. Perhaps t could be tried out with your own children. Or perhaps the method of Socratic questioning could be applied when teaching other things to young children. Whatever, it is I'm willing to give it a try.

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