Unspoiling your child?!

It has been a routine that we would go out every weekend either to the beach or nearby shoppping centre. But of late this 'routine' has become a chore. You see, my two precious have the tendency to equate a visit to the mall or shopping centre to mean spending on book or toys. As much as I would like to give, I am also conscious of teaching them the value of money. I want to so badly tell them in words that they understood that they cannot and should not get everything that their little heart desire!

I was comforted after reading an article by a social psychologist, Dr Susan Newman. In her article entitled “I Have to Have ‘It’”: Un-spoiling Your Children, she pointed out that loving your child means setting limits for them. She reiterated that children should be taught limits and she called saying "No!" is a parenting service that we may want to provide, ;p She added that "curbing indulgences, and that includes managing the inflow of gifts from grandparents and other relatives, prepares them for the real world. They come to understand that they can’t have everything they want and will be better able to cope with life’s disappointments. "

Dr Newman even listed 12 tips of deprogramming the spoilt child! Her simple explanation, I personally feel, is not only down to Earth, but indeed practical. ;)

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