What does Mount Everest and you marriage have in Common? LOL

I saw the following article at article city and was rather tickled by the title really. ;)

So I read on and the author of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas compared mountain climbing with that of marriage processes. He stated that:
"mountain climbers will often step back from a particularly difficult overhang or stretch and discuss how to surmount it. Much of the fun in the sport is encountering the challenges and figuring out a way to get around them. If mountain climbing were easy, it would lose a great deal of its appeal."

The bottom line he is trying to put across is that marriage can be difficult - therein lies the challenge. If it is too easy, people would loose interest in it. (My reaction: hm...really?)

He also added:
As Thomas says, "Struggling successfully and profitably brings a deeper joy than even trouble-free living. . . God created us in such a way that we need to struggle to stay alive. Challenge is what keeps us seasoned. But to be profitable, our struggle must have purpose, and it must be productive. Two people who do nothing but fight in their marriage and make each other miserable are not engaging in a helpful spiritual exercise. It's only when we put struggle within the context of character development and self-sacrifice that it becomes profitable."

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