Have you done your homework?

Have you done your homework? My query to my two kids are often replied with "o..mama..can we do it later.." I reckon that I am not the only one facing this problem. Procrastination hits all of us..even adults are guilty of it (myself included). But with the prospect of the looming exams, it is almost virtually impossible not to monitor the children more. And who could blame any mother if she feels that the child's academic achievement is one of the measure of her 'being a good' mother, right?

The societal values may not be right - but we are living in a world of majority...and you will have to some extent 'conform' to the rules of the majority..right? All I want is for them to do well in exams - that is a noble intention, right?

Sigh...but how do you make it easier for you and them to study and do their homework on time?

First of all, the suggestion from some sources I encounter is to develop a rule at home that states that homework must be brought home and completed daily. In addition, this rule must have its own unique consequence in the event that your child fails to bring homework home. Which ever consequence you choose to enforce, it is important that its duration lasts for one day, from the time your child arrives home from school till the time he or she goes to bed. It is equally important that the duration of the consequence last no more than one day per occurrence. If you consequent your child for more than one day per occurrence, your child will develop learned helplessness and will not be motivated to bring home or complete homework for the duration of the consequence making the consequence ineffective.

In my case, The carrot would be to establish a written contract which I later paste in their rooms that they need to complete their work first before "leisure". They have to ear their leisure to be rewarded.

I guess it worked for my two little one now - hopefully the habit will be internalised and as adults, they would also work hard before they reward themselves. ;)

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