Lead content in lipstck

I was in the office the other day when an intern who sits nearby came to me excitedly explaining that she has made a new discovery that could save 'womankind'. Curious, I listened. She said she has found away to test lead content in lipsticks and this could save all of us from lead poisoning! Cool!! I thought but how?

She explained that the lipstick that she has been using indeed has high lead content. So she demonstrated by putting some of her lipstick on her hand and later rubbing the surface with a god ring. The result after a few seconds? The higher the lead content in the lipstick, the darker is the colour - the lipstick on her hand turned black! - That showed a high lead content. Goodness gracious I said - she warned be and advised to do the experiment before buying any lipstick. And then she threw her lipstick into the dustbin. I told her - I definitely would!


  1. Almost makes me glad I don't wear lipstick :)

  2. hmm..indeed

    but if u decide to perhaps it is good to carry out this test before buying a lipstick!


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..