Mama, let's play!

I am guilty of not spending enough play time with my two kids. Play is important for children development. Children are happiest when they are at play : they are in their own realm of wonder, exploration, and adventure, pulling parents in at times with a frequent “Let’s play, mom!” as an open invitation into that world.

I bought my two little ones a remote control car each - a reasonable priced one. I was amazed how much fun we have with the two cars - we were running after the cars and they raced to the finishing line - all the while laughing and giggling at one another antics and gestures. I was a child again - at that time, I was 12 again - and all the consciousness and restrictions of being an adult was shed off. Needless to say, we were exhausted after that but it was a memory I bet that would stay with us for a long time. So, moms..the next time your little ones invite you to their world of wonder and amazement, go on..have fun and just "play!".

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