What Harold Taught me..

Harold and the Purple Crayon 50th Anniversary Edition (Purple Crayon Books)The Adventures of Harold and the Purple CrayonHarold's Fairy Tale (Further Adventures of with the Purple Crayon)

Harold and the Purple Crayon: Under the Sea (Festival Readers)Harold's ABC (Purple Crayon Book)

I was at work the other day attending the much dreaded staff meeting when were suddenly treated to a video of a cartoon entitled "Harold and the Purple crayon". Needless to say, the break in monotony was welcomed by all in the room.

We later used the cartoon to apply to the work we are doing. However the learning points I thought was rather universal. For instance, the little boy Harold showed how we need to create our own possibilities and even solutions using the purple crayon. Another pertinent learning point for me was that - at times, you need to go through the journeys in life to be able to know the way back home....Very insightful I thought. Go watch it and get yourself your own 'purple crayon' to create possibilities. ;)

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