Baking Soda

I had a really bad case of bloatedness just the day before. It disrupted my sleep and needless to say, made me really grumphy. You see, I have always looked forward to the weekends to catch up on my sleep so when I could not sleep last night I was a little cranky. Desperate, hubby turned to technology for help. He googled "natural antacids" and found that baking soda actually could be sued to relief bloatedness. The only condition is that it should not be consumed an hour before or after meals.

So, I scooped a teaspoonsful of baking soda I have and stirred it in plain water. It work! Either imagined or otherwise, I felt the gas subsiding a little.

In addition, I found a whole other uses of baking soda - from claening the teeth, clothes to makng your face softer. Check out the other uses here
Armed with this knowledge, I thought of buying another box of baking soda! ;)

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