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My ex-student got in touch with me recently. She was one of my better students in class back some 5 years agao. She is now taking her diploma and freelancing as an agent for one of the MLMs. She and her boyfriend (also my ex student) swore by the products. I decided to arrange for a meet although I did it more to see them than to find out about the products.

She looked good - but then again so did I when I was 20 (if I could say so myself). ;P Anyways she was trying to sell her cosmetics. I procrastinated though - thinking that I may find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

My gut feelings turned out right as I scoured through this very useful website, there are indeed natural beauty ingredients to try out. I think I'll give the ntural beauty recipe a try first before I decided to plunge on buying any expensive ones (or if at all I decide to do that. The meeting went well with us reminiscing the good old days though.

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