Where has modesty gone?

With th excitement of F1 just around the corner, I am just thinking, why glamourising the "Singtel Grid girls" has become an obsession. Besides feeling embarrassed for these girls who seemed much too naive to even be aware that they are doing themselves much disservice by flaunting their supposed assets, I lament the lack of morality that has besieged the society. With tongues wagging, most (men) would condone this practice of devaluing women in public and national TV. Why?

Listening to local radios has become more a pain as the advocacy of being 'cheezy' and being sleezy seems to be the in thing. With all these pervasiveness we wonder why morality is declining? To some, this is evident of the liberation of the modern age. Liberation of what? I retort - more like exploiting women and reducing them to mere tools, objects or even toys for men. A website is dedicated for those who wants to kow more about these girls.

I happened to switch to a radio channel the other day and the programme (ironically entitled "the married men") had the hosts suggesting that they would take care of one of the girls who was sick and even offered to go over to her place to feed her medicine and later shower her. (Offer was made on air) The girl sheepishly replied that she don't think she would like them to do that - very sensible answer - thank god for that..but seriously girls, do really want this kind of attention?!

Sprawled across the local newspapers and buses as well as shopping malls are pictures of women either with their legs spread out or proudly wearing strings of clothes - if you can call them clothes. I sighed as I look around and knowing that I have to raise two beautiful kids in such 'tainted' environment neccisitates even more that I should equipped them not just with IQ, EQ but even RQ - which translate to Religious Intelligence. Hmm...


  1. Greatly appreciate your pithy post- very true and what a great need there is to be aware and spread the truth about the beauty and value of modesty.

    As a modest fashion designer, this stuff is nothing new, but it always encouraging to hear other women with a similar heart for modesty.

    Keep pressing on!

    -Christa Taylor

  2. Thanks Christa for the encouragement - its always nice to know that someone shre your points of view. ;)

    Nice collection you have there. Will visit more often ;)



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