'Child like' moments...

I was at 'Toys R Us' the other day with my precious(s) and hubby. One of the rare few occasions when the kids get a chance to go to a toy store. We went in and I started signing "I dun want to grow up, I just want to be a 'ToysRUs' kids" much to the embarrassment of my 11 year old who later rolled her eyes...

We are all excited looking at the new toys but some are set at ridiculously high price. I looked at them and set the rule - 1 toy not more than 20 dollars each. Some moans were heard but I had to stick to my grounds..in the end they decided to pool their budget to share a 5 by 5 rubik cube that cost $30. I relented and they happily tried their toy in the car but I made sure I got a chance to try the cube when we reached home..I want to play too you know..

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