Does Meditation Really Help?

The image I have of meditation is one of sitting under the trees with your eyes closed and clearing your mind off all worry.

But I read a site and realised that meditation could be as simple as resting. This site on meditation explains that at the simplest level, meditation is like resting. Meditation at this level, "is not trying to solve the problems but to relax around them, to change the attitude to them". So if you experiencing fear (going for an interview for instance),you should consciously acknowledge this feeling but at the same time, try to change the attitude towards the situation so you'll be less fearful. How simple yet so true, I thought - good reminder for myself.

It was further elaborated that o"n a deeper level meditation works by investigating and understanding the nature of the mind itself. It is seen as a condition in nature, devoid of any solid personality or lasting quality. When this insight arises one can be peaceful with the most horrific mind states; one doesn’t take it all so personally."

Mediation has a new meaning after reading this article - I am a convert of it now - I should begin with meditating to have more positive outlook. ;)


  1. I've been especially interested in meditation since reading Eat Pray Love (loved that book) but I also find it a bit challenging to go from hectic crazy life to quiet and open and still. A friend turned me on to guided meditation, and while it may be a little bit of the cheater (or lazy) way to get there, it definitely helps me get there. If you want to try guided meditations, I use some of the ones on MyYogaOnline.com or at www.BrainPlayground.com

  2. Dear Kaylie

    Thanks!I'l go to the sites you recommended and try it out!


  3. I feel the description of meditation as 'resting' is a little misleading.

    Perhaps one sense that meditation could be described as resting is that through developing mindfulness, our overall ield of awareness expands and we gain a perspective on the habitual and tiring thoughts in our minds, rather than following them compulsively.

    To follow a path of meditation is far more than just relaxing. Relaxation is, of course, very valuable, but only the beginning of a meditation practice.

    Please see www.lifechoicemeditation.com for more information.

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  4. Thanks!

    I stand corrected and I agree that what initially meant by resting in meditation is really what you have so eloquently defined! Thanks again ;)


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