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Its the flu season again - a few people in the office have been on medical leave over the past week. I was not spared either. I staggered to work today after taking a day off ....virtually impossible to take more days off than one as work would pile up.

I wonder if anyone has any health secrets that it worth for readers of this blog to take note of. I know some friends of mine who swear by the routine of having lemon honey everyday. They said it really strengthen their immune system. Others spoke passionately of miracles from herbal extracts they bought from some MLM. Geez...with the things they stuff in food these days, we need to not only that food to boost our health but also exercise I reckon. I would not know how much melamine my body has consumed - I was after all a fan of the 'rabbit sweet'. I guess, before I reach 40, I need to find my own personal way to keep myself 'in the pink of health' at least till I get to see my children having their own lives..LOL. ;)

For your Well Being

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