How would you like to be remembered?

Hm..I dun know why but as I was planning for my exit here in my work place, I thought about how people have perceived me...so it brought me to this question of how I would like to be remembered. I will leading a team in my next appointment with effect from next year so I thought also that I want to be memorable..but how? I wonder also how my children would remember me...

My late daddy was a disciplinarian yet a doting father. I remember his principles and I am proud to say that I inherit his fiery passion and determined ways. I guess I would like to be remembered in different ways by different people.

By my children I wish they'll remember me as a principled mother yet doting who would bend the rules at times to make it good for them.

By my other half, I wish to be remembered as a wife who would stick her grounds but would go the extra mile to please her man.

By my friends, I want to be remembered as a fun loving individual who would be there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on.

By my colleagues I would like to be remembered as someone with lots of ideas but would also extend a hand if and when it is needed. ;)

hmm...want to share how you would like to be remembered as?

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