In Good Company ;)

I had the privilege of being in the good company of relatives and friends that I have been rather out of touch with today..I feel good..

It is amazing how a little chat with people that have moved you, raised you, grew up with you and those you were there when you needed someone just to listen would lift your spirits up..really.

In fact, studies have shown that being in the companies of friends do make us happy among other things such as:

- a good marriage
- rewarding work
- sufficient money
- a good diet and physical activity
- sound sleep
- engaging leisure and
- religious or spiritual belief and practice

I was exhausted at the end of the day with entertaining and catching up but on the bright side, that fluttering pleasant feeling could not be shaken off as I recall the little jokes and stories that I have shared with the people that I cared enough to invite to my house today and those that made a sincere effort to come. Thank you all...you've really made my day ;)

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