Outnumbered Days of a study Mama

In my little island state, we call mothers from other countries who come here to accompany their children to receive an education here "study mama".

But I've given the name a new twist - ever since I took a week break from work to coach my little darling on her primary school leaving exams. It was like being a coach to some extent with the huk..huk..huk..what are we going to be? The best that I can..!! she would reply. Say that again... "The best that I can!!!"

Trying to make it manageable, I alternated the study hours with an hour of entertainment or so. brought her to her fave fast food, played the Nintendo Wii, etc but it was an experience - of a study mama indeed!

Glad the days are over and while eagerly waiting for the results, I thought about how I would resume my role in 5 years time when my little boy reach that stage.

I came across an article on food that would make children smarter - from a website entitled "fresh parenting." In the article, listed are ten food that would make children smarter. I thought it was useful to get my little Dan started on this.

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