Pictionary Fun ;)

Have you tried playing pictionary with your little one? It's really fun..!!

You see my little boy got his belated birthday present from his auntie yesterday and begged us to play with him. Initially we reluctantly agreed but to our delight, we actually enjoyed playing it as the game progressed. In the game play, we are supposed to sketch words on the deck of cards we have chosen.

What is interesting is the way they interpreted the words. My 12 year old girl for instance, had to sketch 'hotdog'. So instead of drawing the actual hot dog, she drew the sun (symbolising the heat and therefore 'hot') and a creature that barely resembles a dog. We had good laugh looking at one another's drawing - really.

My little boy had to draw a gate ..so he drew sticks with a house behind it. It is really exciting as a mother to see how they interpret the words. Looks like tomorrow and the day after and perhaps even the day after will be another pictionary fun days for the family.;P

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