Saved by the Mayo..

I had taken the liberty to colour my own hair - at home a few days ago. I could not help but feel that though the new colour is definitely evident on my head, the other thing that is obvious is the condition of my hair - It has become drier!!

Buying good conditioner was out of the question as I have definitely overpsent my budget this month on festive goodies and other new items. Glad that I read somewhere mayo could actually improved your hair texture and helped it continoed. Why not try? I thoought - ain't got nothing to loose..

Guess what?!! It worked!All I neede to do was to massage a quantity of mayonnaise into my hair, much in the same way as a normal post-shampoo conditioner. Then I covered my head with a shower cap and allow the mayonnaise to remain for several minutes. The result? Shinier and softer hair!!!

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