Tales of High (heels)

I have always envied women who could endure wearing heals the whole day while at work.In fact some of my closest colleague look so good swaying gracefully in their Prada. I read somewhere that heels have the effect of making you look slimmer and creates a certain posture that is alluring...sigh..all these and I cannot last an hour even on the heels...

I wonder then if has something to do with the bone structures of my legs.Or is it simply a learned skill? I turned to where else but the Internet for answers...The yahoo answers have many of the respondents citing ample of practice as the key answer to being able to withstand the pain of wearing heels. Initially, it is recommended that you start with what they call 'kitten heels' those heels of about 4 inch tall.The next stage involves the use of wedge heels - the kind where the heel is fully attached to the sole of the shoe, giving you increased balance and comfort while still allowing you to get used to having the heel of your foot placed high above the level of your toes. Then once you're good, the adventure seeker would try out the stiletto heels. ;)

But the practice has to go on at the same time. The article that I came across acknowledge that wearing heels actually shorten your stride. They recommended taking small, slow steps initially. Care should also be taken to ensure that you do not bend your knees more than you should. You should also practice putting your heel down first, then your toes (don't plop them down at the same time, and don't put your toes down first). For extra balance, put one foot about a foot directly ahead of the other. Wow...complicated eh? But I guess I would try it out ... ;p

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