To consume or not to consume?

I must confess that I have taken quite a large number of Panadol in my lifetime. I'm rather anemamic and often gets fever - at times mild and at other times, rather high. On top of that, I have seevre migrane attacks and due to all these panadol is one of the must haves in my first aid box.

Recently, however, I was dismayed to receive an email that states that panadol could be toxic and prologed or frequent usage would lead to kidney failure. Well meaning emails like this, I reckoned should alwas be taken with a pinch of salt and hence I began a journey to uncover the truth..(oh thrilling like a CSI agent of some sort ;). So, I stumbled upon an very useful site that explains the partial truth of the email. The site was appropritaely entitled "Hoax Slayer". I recommend you check it out because I found some comfort in the fact that panadol would not be what it so caimed if taken in recommended dosage. ;)

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