Yoga anyone?

I have contemplated on the idea of trying out yoga recently. When racticed conscientiously, I read that it really helps the mind to focus and keep a clear mind on many areas.

Among others, I read that yoga helps to increase flexibility, massage all organs of the body, tones the muscles and detoxify the body. The last two reasons appealed me more than the earlier two.;p

But I wonder what is the best way to start given the fact that I don't have much disposable time to start off with...any suggestion?;p


  1. Hi there. Thanks for being my friend. I'm also from mum bloggers club :P

    You have a nice blog and you have so many nice link on your side bar. I'm still struggling as I only started blogging this year.

    I did yoga a few years back and I really enjoy the sessions. I learn it from a teacher from India but she last left for India. What I did now is following yoga book and keep repeating the basic stretches.

    Some of the CC in Singapore conducts yoga classes. Alternatively, you can buy yoga VCD that shows you how to do the basic stretch....dont over stretch ok :P

    Take care my friend. Chat with you soon.

  2. Hi verytiki!!

    Thanks for posting a reply in my blog ;) and thanks for accepting me as a friend..Appreciate it.

    I'll take your advice and lookup books and courses on Yoga..thanksagain!


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..