How would you react?

A friend in the office got news just less than a month ago that the tiny hard lump on her breast could be cancerous. But she took it in her stride...she was a head of the pack and she did not relegate her role as leader even after hearing the news. When it became more apparent she needed to remove the lump, she continued carrying out her work as usual still till the very day before the surgery.

I cannot help but marvel at her tenacity and unwavering spirit. She not that old ..not even in her mid forties yet. On the day of her surgery, another colleague who is closer to her told us that there might me complications if the lump is near her lymph nodes. WE all prayed for her that day.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be that strong in her situation. She had her surgery and is resting at home. Immediately after recovering from the effect of the anesthesia, she smsed all of us to explain that she would be on two weeks medical. (Subjected to further investigation by the doctor who is overseeing her, her medical may be extended). Her message was cheerful though many things were stated in a matter of fact.


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  2. Your colleague is amazing. It is true that not many people can face all the challenges in life with an open heart.
    BTW, I hope everything goes well for you and your colleague. Drop me a note in my blog once your blog is up and running.

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