Angels in the midst!

My blog has been listed as spam..for whatever reason the past weeks!! Much to my dismay actually! I held back writinf for fear that my postings would not be shown. I appealled to some fellow bloggers who responded to my call of distress!

Thanks so much..now the blog is up and running again. It was really upsetting for me...a I was unable to contact the blogger site to determine what exactly was wrong with my blog..but it's over now - that's what matters..so thanks again!


  1. How can such a great blog like yours be held for spam? It's a pleasure to meet you.

  2. Dear Veronica

    thks for the comment ;)

    I seriously dun y they claimed tht my blog is a spam blog - I waited more than 2 weeks!! glad it's over.

  3. It is great that your blog is up and running now.


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..