Brief Escape

My leave is coming to an end and as I brace myself to take on a new job in 09, I could only reminisce the brief escape from reality I got from going to gate aways in the beautiful country, Malaysia. ;)We first went to Sunway lagoon...booked in the hotel and had great fun in the theme parks. We tried all the rides and hence no picture were taken of us in the rides because we were not allowed to do so..The hotel was great too..

On the third day we were off to Port Dickson. We decided to try out the water chalet - Avillion - which was pure miracle to me...I have resolved to retire on a house such as those in Avillion - cook my catch daily and be soothe by the sound of the waves. It is just so relaxing - it cures my headaches...at least for a while and kept my mind off work which seem almost trivial as I soaked in the beauty of nature.

In the first evening I was at Avillion, I sat alone outside the verandah listening to the waves and feeling the breeze. I felt I was being watched and I turned to see a little squirrel - perched at one corner wondering what I was doing. I was shocked and gave a squeal. It ran away..but such close encounter with nature is so memorable. Sigh..I longed for the day again I could be staying in a place such as that - perhaps then I'l stay there longer...


  1. Great photos. Have you tried The Water Chalets at Port Dickson? They are almost as good as Avillion. Good Luck too with your new job.

  2. thks veronica. The last time I wanted to go to the water chalet it was fully booked but I reckon I'll go sometime soon...PD is great!


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..