Faith in humankind

I chuckled when I recall the experience I had yesterday going to town on a train. You see, I'm used to taking the car but I never liked to drive to the town area as traffic may cause some delay and the parking is ridiculous by my standard. So I thought my children and I could have some adventure taking the public transport.

We had more than we hoped for ..he..he..I felt really blond but I even had to ask the bus driver the cost for adult and children fare. But he answered nicely in his own slang..

Then we had to take the train - my children had to top up their cards to store the value. I had difficulty topping up the value for my younger boy as the staff explained to me (very nicely too) that his card is somehow corrupted. So I had to purchase a new card but the value in the old card had to be transferred to the new one. So I queued up to have it done. It so happened that when My turn came, the computer hang a little. The people behind me thought that I was fussing too much at the counter and actually scolded me!! Telling me to hurry up ...and giving me looks like I am some crazy woman...My left hand column is like hellooo losers ....It is no fault of mine that it is slow...!! But I did not verbalise it of course...I did however, raised my voice a little to the auntie behind who said "Faster lah!!" I exclaimed "ya..tell that to the computer..there's nothing I could do la Auntie..be reasonable!!". Another lady behind her shoved a ten dollar note and her card to the girl at the counter indicating that she wanted to have her card value topped up. When the girl could not do anything, she left in a hurry and gave me a dirty look. I was thinking what is wrong with this people?!!

But on hindsight, It is kinda funny actually.I imagine the scene being played on tv..I would probably laugh. When I am on the train, my heart warmed again and I have renewed confidence in the good of mankind when I see people giving up their seats to the people who needed it more. A little girl even put on the shoes of a baby on the pram as her mothers had her hands full. I smiled ...and know that despite the harsh reality of the world..some good Samaritans would come along to make someone else's day..it's like the story I recently watched - it's called paying it forward. In the story, if a person receive a good deed from someone else, he should pay it forward to help 3 other people...it started a chain of good deeds..it's beautiful.


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