Just For laugh

I was looking for cool stationaries t perk my new office space. Yep..I'll be in new surrounding come 2009 - holding a new position. I'm both anxious and excited at the same time - it is a middle management position and I could only guess how I would fare in leading a team of about 10.

Anyways, back to my stationery searching activity,..I was at borders when I found this hilarious philosophy ..

go ahead..take a look and you'll see what I mean...He has his own website where he selld his stuffs online..I bought some...to make me smile on days I need to feel that a laugh could save my sanity..;)



  1. Hope you'll have a great time. Can't wait to see the photos !

  2. sure thing girl..thks for visiting!

    btw, which part of Malaysia are you from? :)


Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..