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I am intrigue - very actually, by the new exposure I had to day. You see I was actually looking for programmes for my children to develop their ability to better able to think and process information. As per yesterdays' blog post on Malcolm Gladwell book, I am really taken in.

I was looking around for opportunities for them - I stumbled upon the a new programme in the neighbourhood that trains the brain to process visual and audio memory. They did some test on my children for a small fee - I tried the test myself..I barely passed the test! But really what excite me was the different approach of this programme. Compared to the normal tuition centres which focus on drill and practice - this one focus on the learning ability of the pupils.It is hoped that through sharpening the learning ability of the pupils, their concentration and behaviour would improve and this in turn, increase motivation and confidence. Ultimately, it would lead improvement in academic performance..! Training the mind this way develops the child in mathematical and logical thinking - they have about 3 modules to the training.

The cost for each module cost me a fortune - but it last 24 weeks at 1.5 hours per session - so I guess it adds up pretty well...despite the huge hole in my pocket. My consolation? I have vision of my bundles of joy succeeding in life - and giving back later in life the lessons of life they have learnt.

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  1. hi,
    I chanced upon yr blog on Mind Max Program. I have actually done with my son the trial test yesterday. But still pondering how the program can help him?

    Can you share with me more infor. on the Program? Did u see any improvement after your kid enrolled?

    Hope to hear from you! My email is at kchua05@yahoo.com.sg



Thanks for your comment - drop by again sometime..